Hi Brow

A personal Eyebrow treatment designed to enhance your Eyebrows weather a natural or more intense, defined look is wanted. Hi Brow is suitable for everyone who desires perfectly styled brows whatever your age or face shape.  Combining expert techniques of design, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming, shaping and colouring to create a perfect brow just for you. A patch test will be required 24-48hrs prior to your treatment.

Your results will be darker and more defined immediately after the treatment, the tint will gradually fade and we would recommend repeating the treatments every 3-6 weeks depending on individual hair growth rates.

After your treatment follow good, safe hygienic standards to prevent the risk of infection. Avoid sunbathing, sunbeds, sauna, steam rooms, swimming, perfumed products, touching the area and very hot water on the area for at least 24hrs. Avoid applying make-up for 24hrs unless using mineral make-up, do not apply fake tan to the brows as it will discolour the tint (use a barrier cream).

Maintaining your brows between treatments is easy with a range of convenient retail products; Growth & Conditioning Serum for Brows and Lashes, Hi Brow Compact, Smoothing Wax Pencil & Sharpener.

45 mins